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Formed in 1994 by the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce, the Christensen Field Improvement Task Force began hosting the Fremont Bull Riding Classic as a fundraiser to improve the facility and grounds at the Christensen Field complex. 

Using proceeds from the Classic, the Task Force has donated over $385,000 toward the following improvements at the Christensen Field Complex, resulting in over a half a million dollars worth of improvements: 


  • Portable Chutes & Pens

  • Outdoor Arena Construction

  • Permanent Chute Installation

  • Concrete Pads

  • Portable/Towable Bleacher

  • Christensen Field Fencing

  • Showers in the Indoor Arena

  • Indoor Arena Heating

  • Lighting Outdoor Arena

  • Runners for small animal shows in multi-purpose building

  • Bleachers

  • Arena Groomer

  • Indoor Arena's interior walls resided

  • High Voltage Electrical Panel

  • Replacement of Indoor Arena Substrate

  • New lighting in indoor arena

  • Pay-loader replacement

  • Wi-Fi access for Indoor Arena - Completed the Wi-Fi access for the entire complex

  • New Sound System for Multipurpose Building, Livestock barns & Indoor Arena (Phase 1, currently in progress)

  • Installation of LED TV’s in Main Arena & Horse Arena

  • Full Color Digital Marquee Welcome Sign

We would like to Thank each of our Task Force members one last time,
for their dedication 
to improving Christensen Field, and for the hours of work devoted to 

hosting this local favorite event each year for the past 28 years!


Members of the Christensen Field Improvement Task Force donate countless hours to ensure the success of the Fremont Bull Riding Classic. Representing the City of Fremont, Fremont Horse Horse Arena Improvement Association, Fremont and Dodge County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Fremont 4-H Fair Board as well as the Agricultural Business & Natural Resources Council include: 

  • Thomas & Barbara Christensen, Christensen Corporation 

  • Bailey Garretson, Tomka Repair (not pictured)

  • Darla Garretson, Creative Cowgirl / FBRC Sponsorship/Promotions Coordinator

  • Jahn Grandstaff, Charter West Bank, Task Force President

  • Cody Horrocks, First Community Bank

  • Jamie Lindgren, Fremont Area Horse Arena Improvement Association

  • Machelle Meyer, First National Bank

  • Jeff Mimick, Bank of the Valley

  • Ben Nicola, Nebraska Beef LTD

  • Kate Nicola, Fiserv - Omaha (not pictured)

  • Robert Taylor, "Cowboy Bob"

Also pictured retired member Kevin Prinz

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